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Grading Application
To Speed up and simplify the process of Grading Applications without the need to print any forms
Simply complete the form and click the submit button
Once submitted please
hand in your Licence Booklet
AND Payment to
Grand Master O’Neill

If you wish you may make an
Online Payment for the
Grading Fee

Simply click on the
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PayPal: Buy Grading Fee If you wish to Print and submit by hand.
Download & fill in the form & hand in with 
Licence book and fee
:: Download Grading Application Form ::
:: Training Times ::

Below is the standard Training Syllabus chart based on a minimum of 2 lessons a week @ 2 hours = 4 hours a week training

Children’s classes are generally less than 2 hours long. Therefore grading’s for Children tend to be further apart.


Senior Students up to 3rd Kup attending Children’s classes tend to grade  once a year, at Red Belt they’re no longer permitted to do Children’s classes & enter Senior Classes.

From            To               Sessions

10th Kup      9th Kup      1 Month          8

9th Kup        8th Kup      2 Months        16

8th Kup        7th Kup      2.5 Month      20

7th Kup        6th Kup      3 Months       24

6th Kup        5th Kup      3.5 Months    28

5th Kup        4th Kup      4 Months       32

4th Kup        3rd Kup      4.5 Months    36

3rd Kup        2nd Kup     5 Months       40

2nd Kup        1st Kup      5.5 Months    44

1st Kup         1st Dan      6 Months       48

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General Data Protection Regulation Policy

A copy of our Policy may be downloaded and
read here:-
ACE GDPR Policy.pdf