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                  Welcome to KEWAP (Under 18s)

                  Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme

 Estblished. 2009

“Probably the most informative, engaging, thought provoking & enjoyable 90 minutes of training a person aged 11 years and above is likely to ever undergo.”


In order to reduce knife related crimes in the UK it is now widely thought that educating those under eighteen years of age to the dangers and the implications of carrying knives and edged weapons is a must. It is important to know that approximately two-thirds of those who carry knives for personal protection have these items used against them. And the fact still remains that many who attend education in both inner city areas and even affluent towns are still carrying of bladed articles and this problem is not going away.

Please note: Not all of those who are victims of a knife related crime are members of urban street gangs. The larger percentage of those who sadly become victims of knife related crimes are in fact decent individuals going about their normal daily patterns of life.


The under eighteens Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme lasts approximately 90 minutes. Refresher, continuation and/or annual training can be arranged upon request. 

Please note: Specialised presentations can be delivered in order to reiterate key points of personal safety as well as the Law in relation to the carrying of knives in public places and educational establishments. Also, it is strongly advised that by-annual physical response options instruction is sort in order to avoid skills-fade.

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· A minimum of 15 students

· A maximum of 30 students

· Minimum age: 11 years & above.


Please note: This course is conducted in-house and therefore brings your training costs down. Students must be capable and willing to undertake enjoyable physical skills instruction with others and engage in group-based discussions.

Outline Syllabus

Part One: 

This is a classroom based activity (including group work) which lasts approximately 30-40 minutes. It consists of a student survey (statistical feedback to the establishment), a power-point presentation (including generic personal safety issues) and a simple post-presentation assessment.


Part Two: 

KEWAP techniques are proven realistic life saving skills which are suitable for both females and males. Practical training consists of use of space & cover, off centring, escape routes and last resort protocols including deflection drills (NOT fighting, martial arts or unarmed combat techniques).

Assessment Process 

Informal assessment - the instructor will loosely assess each student’s desire to show a willingness to learn and participate with others during the course.

Certification (Reward for Effort)

A TSDT certificate of attendance will be given to each student who successfully completes this unique training programme (parts one & two).

Kewap Poster.pdf Be Aware - Be Safe

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