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Parents Page
:: Taekwon-Do and your Child ::

Our children's classes will teach children the core values such as discipline and respect.  We believe in bringing out the best in children and make our classes entertaining and informative , this  will develop into positive habits to last a lifetime. They will learn, and develop:-

Group interactions/activities, confidence, Motor skills, Healthy eating, exercise.

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For additonal Benefits
For Children in Taekwon-Do
:: Taekwon-Do Family Packages ::

We have great Family packages that suit families training, with discounts of up to 50% off and even FREE training for certain members of large families training.

Talk to Anita about our great Packages

GiffardPortrait-02.jpg :: School Holiday Taekwon-Do Kids Camps ::

Our Taekwon-Do School Holiday Kids Camps specifically run during the School holidays. We acknowledge Child Care costs go through the roof  & if you haven't got Child  Care costs to deal with you have the problem of finding something for the kids to do, or struggle to find someone to look after the kids while you go to work.

For the Children, often having something to do will pass the time more effectively and give them something to enjoy, often turning those odd days when they’re lost for something to do into special days that they remember and can talk about to their friends. The rates are exceptional value for money.

EasterCamp8th-60.jpg EasterCamp15th-35.jpg EasterCamp15th-55.jpg EasterCamp15th-89.jpg :: Seminars & Gradings ::

All students need to attend 2 National Seminars per year in order for them to qualify for promotion,  National seminars are held every quarter and usually last for several hours depending on the grade of the students.

Gradings will be held periodically and randomly as and when students are ready to grade. Grading depends on student Attendance, Student ability & progression rate and Instructor discretion.


Grand Master O’Neill is the Child Protection Officer for A.C.E. Taekwon-Do

The School operates  N.S.P.C.C.  Child Protection guidelines, the Instructor is qualified in these areas, and will ensure standards are maintained in relation to all aspects of  Child Protection, in particular, Adult Child Ratio’s, Photography, Web site content, personal details, identification and  Child Abuse signs & symptoms.

On many occasions we have special theme lessons, Children In Need, Comic relief, Bring a Parent Night, Bring a Friend night, Fancy Dress  etc, these bring a bit of fun to the class and are great fun, obviously near grading time lessons can be hard in preparation for examination, so we try to have an even balance throughout the curriculum of training.

RedNose-31.jpg EasterSession-09.jpg RedNose-25.jpg EasterSession-06.jpg Bring a FriendCP.jpg BringaParentNightOct2008.jpg ChildrenInNeed2008-70.jpg RedNose-14.jpg DSCF4479.JPG :: Members Website Pages ::

Our web site pages contain privileged information for members in particular we have lots of valuable information relating to Streetwise Awareness,  Danger & Personal Safety Awareness, Bullying the Facts & how to Deal with it., Self Defence and Mind Setting, Safety work Sheets, Fitness, Nutrition & Healthy Eating, Grading exam criteria, Drug Awareness.

Students will be given access upon receipt of Association Licences.

Healthy Eating-01.pdf Adam TKD Party1.jpg

Fancy a different theme for your child’s Birthday Party, well why not give them a Taekwon-Do Party. We design, produce and provide all the invitations, give them a good Taekwon-Do introduction & fun lesson as well as all other usual party antics. Gift for Birthday Boy/Girl and each child will receive a complimentary pass for a Taekwon-Do lesson. (Minimum 10 Children per Party)


If you have any issues regarding memberships, training fees, licences , Child protection or anything in fact, feel free to chat directly to Grand Master O’Neill

We look forward to welcoming you & your Child/Children into our

Friendly Taekwon-Do School