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PDF Publications

Over a period of time we’ve had some great Articles and events within our School

Below are some PDF documents created about the articles and photos of the events.         


:: School Activities ::
:: General TKD Documents ::

English Championships 2007

UKTA Open Champs 2007

Children In Need Activity Night 2008

Welsh Championships 2008

Seminar Master Cutler Nov’ 2008

2008 Presentation Evening

Finland 2009

Red Nose Day 2009

Blackbelt Grading March 2009

Kids Class Photos

Easter TKD Kids Camp

Summer TKD Camp 1

Summer TKD Camp 2

October Half Term Camp

Halloween Theme Night

Photo Highlights 2013

Children In Need 2013

2 Step Seminar Photos

2 Step Sparring - Samples

3 Step Seminar Photos

3 Step Sparring - Samples

Another Level

Belt Mongers

Britannica Encyclopedia Extract

Combat Hall Of Fame 2003

Finland International Course

Gen Choi Hong Hi

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha

ITF Training syllabus

ITF: 1548 Plaque

Master O'Neill TKD CV

Master O'Neill Profile

Meaning of Taekwon-Do

Meaning of the Belts

Taekwon-Do - Education

Taekwon-Do - Etiquette

Taekwon-Do A Personal Journey

Theory of Power

TKD Blues

TKD Mag - GM Rhee - Finland Colour

TKD Mag - Master O’Neill Colour

TKD Mag - Rhee Back to Future

Understanding Terminology

Your Instructor