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After School Programme

We currently run a successful After School programme  in various local Schools.

Classes are run directly After School in the School’s Sports Halls, the benefit to Parents is you don’t need to come and pick them up when normal school closes, the Children simply go directly from School into Taekwon-Do, therefore you have an extra hour at home or work.

The purpose of the classes are to give Children an insight to Taekwon-Do and the Martial Arts as well as focusing on:

:: Classes during Term Time ::

The classes are run in conjunction with the School terms and run for an hour directly after School ends. Payment for classes is up front for all classes at the start of the term, Children have the option to purchase special After School Taekwon-Do Do-Boks.

These are very popular and give the Children a great uniform to practise Taekwon-Do in.

Our classes have in many instances encouraged Children to transfer into our mainstream classes in which they learn Taekwon-Do within the Full syllabus of the belt systems.

Children have the option to take gradings and work up the belts too

Register your Child to attend one of our After School Classes:-
Special After School Suits ~ £30 *
* Due to a Supplier Minimum order Qty of 5 suits
 there may be a delay with random orders
:: After School Taekwon-Do  ::
:: After School Class Registration ::
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Feel Free to Pay online via PayPal
above, or pay by Card when you
Collect your Child, or hand in Cash.

Depending on how many weeks are
in the School terms, the total amount
Per period changes each time.
For Term Program
7 Lessons
8th June 2022
 ~ 20th July 2022
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