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School Instructors
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GRAND MASTER O’NEILL - 9th Dan - Grand Master Instructor

Grand Master O’Neill is the Instructor & owner of Stonehenge School, he started Taekwon-Do on the 13th September 1978 and progressed through the Colourbelt ranks & took over the running of the School in 1981, he’s  proud to run the Stonehenge School which is one of the Countries longest running Taekwon-Do Schools which was established in 1974.  

Since then he’s progressed steadily through ALL grades under the guidance of the World’s No.1 Taekwon-Do Pioneer & Grand Master – First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha 9th Dan.

In 2016 First Grand Master Rhee promoted Grand Master O’Neill to 9th Dan Grand  Master.  

Grand Master O’Neill has produced in excess of 85 Blackbelt promotions to his name, and is currently an executive member of Grand Master Rhee’s Master’s Council, he’s also a qualified KEWAP Instructor, and teaches youngsters and adults Knife and edge weapons awareness.

Grand Master O’Neill is the Vice- President of A.C.E Taekwon-Do and also the Association’s Child Protection Officer.

Assistant Instructors
The School has a team of several assistant Instructors who help out in the rare absence of Grand Master O’Neill
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All Instructors are Fully Insured and have been cleared to work with
Children & Vulnerable Adults through the Criminal Records Checks
Mr Robert Mockridge V Dan
International Instructor

International Instructor
Junior Instructors
Junior Instructor
Miss Katie Stansfield II Dan
Junior Instructor

Mr Matthew Dryden III  Dan
National ‘B’-Class Instructor

National ‘B’ Class Instructor
Miss Callie Jones  I  Dan
National ‘C’-Class Instructor

National ‘C’ Class Instructor
Miss Alice Booth I  Dan
National ‘C’-Class Instructor

National ‘C’ Class Instructor
Mr Gary Clark I  Dan
National ‘C’-Class Instructor

National ‘C’ Class Instructor