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On Saturday 11th February A.C.E. Taekwon-Do hosted it’s first National Instructors course of 2023, hosted and conducted by Grand Master O’Neill at Stonehenge School area.

Instructors from all over Southern England attended to become qualified as National Instructors.

5 Blackbelts from Stonehenge School attended and qualified:-

Harry Arthur II Dan
Qualified as a
National ‘C’ Class Instructor
(Deferred until 18yrs)
Callie Jones I Dan
Qualified as a
National ‘C’ Class Instructor
(Deferred until 18yrs)
Gary Clark 1st Kup
Qualified as a
National ‘C’ Class Instructor
(Deferred until Blackbelt)
Alice Booth 1st Kup
Qualified as a
National ‘C’ Class Instructor
(Deferred until Blackbelt)
Matthew Dryden II Dan
Qualified as a
National ‘B’ Class Instructor
International Course & Grading
23rd-26th March 2023

A.C.E. South Africa hosted Grand Master O’Neill for a week to conduct a National & International Instructors Course as well as a big Seminar.

ACE South Africa’s President; Sabum Shaheed Karachi VI Dan, hosted the events in Johannesburg. The evening before the start of the Instructors Course GMO conducted some classes in the local ACE Schools.

Kids Class
Senior Class

The following day the Instructors course began in earnest covering all aspects of teaching for both International & National Instructors.

The following day over 100 Students from ACE SA attended a seminar for all grades.

The following day we completed the Instructors courses and started a Colourbelt grading for around 45 students  after which a small Blackbelt grading for 4 local Blackbelts.

To Finalise the weeks visit the last day of training coincided with GMO’s 40th Anniversary of becoming a Blackbelt where he conducted another class at the local ACE School.

A great week made possible by excellent local host Mr. Roy Westfehling III Dan who did all the running about, and still managed to fit in a day at the Safari before GMO travelled back to the UK

Blackbelt Promotions:-
IV Dan - Cade Mathetha
III Dan - Gert Ungerer
II Dan -  Riyad Bhaha
I Dan - 	Lizy Rasoamahenina

4th & 5th March 2023 - Cheltenham

Five Blackbelts from Stonehenge School travelled to Cheltenham to participate in the A.C.E. Blackbelt Course & Grading on the weekend of 4th & 5th March 2023.

Mr. Robert Mockridge V Dan

Mr. Matthew Dryden II Dan (Grading to III Dan)

Miss Callie Jones I Dan

Gary Clark 1st Kup (Grading to I Dan)

Alice Booth 1st Kup (Grading to I Dan)

The course was well attended and was conducted by A.C.E.’s President Grand Master Paul Cutler IX Dan, and A.C.E.’S Vice-Poresident Grand Master Ray O’Neill IX Dan.

Also present during the weekend and during the grading exam via video link was the Father of British & European Taekwon-Do namely Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX, the first ever person promoted to Grand Master by the Founder Gen Choi Hong Hi.

Three of Stonehenge Students were on the course to take their respective Blackbelt Grading.

ALL Three were successful and were promoted by the three Grand Masters to grades as follows:-

Stonehenge Students 05.03.23.jpg

Mr. Matthew Dryden III Dan (centre)

Mr. Gary Clark I Dan

Miss. Alice Booth I Dan

Last Month Gary & Alice also qualified to become National Instructor Class ‘C’ after attending the official Instructors course in February and although successful the certificates were deferred until they became Blackbelts

Now after both have also been promoted to Blackbelts they will also be presented with their Instructors Certificates.  

We all enjoyed a brilliant evening’s social at a local restaurant organised by the host Mr. Harry Limer V Dan. (Mr. Gary Clark was unable to attend on this occasion)

Jemmas Table - 04.03.23.jpg GM's Table - 04.03.23.jpg Master Glasby Table  - 04.03.23.jpg

A traditional Saturday evening meal at a local restaurant, A wonderful social evening relaxing everyone the night before the grading.

Blackbelt Course Cheltenham 2023.jpg GRAND MASTER O’NEILL’S 40th ANNIVERSARY 

27th March 2023 was the day 40 years ago Grand Master O’Neill was promoted to I Dan Blackbelt in Derby under Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha, due to Grand Master O’Neill being in South Africa a celebration seminar was held locally on the 1st April, it was unfortunate that it coincided with the Easter holidays, which effected attendance, however a great time was had by many students ranging from 10th Kup up to Master Degree.

A few Instructors treated GM O’Neill to a meal after wards.

International & National Instructor course attendees. 
56th Anniversary of UK Taekwon-Do

Stonehenge Taekwon-Do School hosted it’s oficial A.C.E. Seminar to coincide with the 56th Anniversary of Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha introducing Taekwon-Do to the UK.

The  seminar was conducted by Grand Master Ray O’Neill IX Dan and all who attended had a great time with the pleasure of some visiting guest Instructors & one of A.C.E.’S Masters’ namely Master Ian Britton  VII Dan.

After the Seminar a grading was offered to a few students who qualified to promote.

Success Full promotions were as Follows:-

David Lumsden 6th Kup Green Belt - A Level Pass (also received A Level Award)

Leilani Ritchie 6th Kup Green Belt

Seren Boswell 7th Kup Green Tips

Edward Foster 9th Kup Yellow Tips (also awarded the local grading Award)

Henry Foster 9th Kup Yellow Tips

During the seminar Master Britton was asked to choose two students who he felt stood out for their effort, attitude and all round input into their training.

Hayley Batchelor 4th Kup

Henry Foster 9th Kup

David Lumsden - Advanced Level Award
Edward Foster - Local Grading Award
David Lumsden promoted to 6th Kup
Leilani Ritchie promoted to 6th Kup
Seren Boswell promoted to 7th Kup
Edward Foster promoted to 9th Kup
Henry Foster promoted to 9th Kup